Security in the treatment

Lazo y Duque, S.L. declares and guarantees full compliance with effective security and safety processes contained in the Protection Law of Information 5/93 of 29 October regulating of the Automated Treatment of Information of Personal Character.


Offers and advertising to our customers

Lazo y Duque, S.L. uses the email addresses provided by the customers to send those offers and information as long as they accept the condition shipping.

Public information on the website of Lazo y Duque, S.L. such as brands , products, logos... of the wholesale companies and manufacturers of products and services offered, they are protected by the laws on copyright protection of intellectual property, so that the copying, transmission , transfer , sale or use is not authorized by the customer outside the advertising purpose of its virtual publication that do not have the express consent of Lazo y Duque, S.L. or of the manufacturer of the product or holder of brands and logos.

The customers must enter their data prior to the purchase way and must register their personal data required for the execution of the purchase agreement (name or company name, ID Number / NIF , address, email address and phone number or fax ).

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