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The begining of shoemaking can be traced back to the nineteenth century but was in 1873 when a craftsman of Valverde del Camino won the award for best shoe lady at the International Exhibition in Vienna.

Until 1912, the manufacture of footwear was made in small workshops located on the craftsmen’s homes. From that moment the first shoe factory or industry was created.

The influence from the English people makes possible the introduction of new machines. Allowing this way the production of numerous pairs of shoes every day.


The Excess production and quality footwear in our town, made this to be extended in Andalucía, Extremadura and Castilla, placing us between the best shoes maker in the country.


Valverde Botas already has almost a century of experience in manufacturing footwear of the best quality. What began as a small family business has become a prosperous business that the third generation shelters already, with the same enthusiasm and implication.

How we manufacture?

Fábricación Botas Valverde del Camino

Currently we have 25 workers who make it possible every day leave our facilities large number of orders aimed at all parts of the world. All these orders are individualized and are born from the hands of one of our expert craftsmen, following the manufacturing process explained below:

This begins with the selection of the skin, which leads to the molding which gives form to the shoe model. Then we proceed to Aparado (with which all parties are stitched, leaving them together) and finally

Tienda Valverde Botas

we put the sole ... When this process is complete, we proceed to beautify the shoe, taking care of all the details and launch it to the market.

Nowadays, after a lot of work, we use the Good-Year system for the production of our footwear, which consists of the double stitching and sewing of the shoe, that is, sewing the sole to the plant and in turn to the shoe with which achieves a perfect union. This system makes our footwear comfortable, flexible and resistant, providing the highest quality for our customers, both national and international.

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