Size guide



1. When will I receive my order?

If you make your order inside Spain, you will receive it between 24 and 48 hours. If an order made abroad, you will get between 48 and 72 hours.

2. What company of transport will it deliver to me?

Valverde Botas worked with SEUR and MRW in Spain and outside of Spain with TNT.

3. Will I have a tracking number?

Yes, as you make the order, we will send you a tracking number by email of the corresponding transport company so that you can be able to follow-up at any time your package.



4. Does Valverde Botas guarantee a secure payment?

Yes, it is a new form of payment developed by Visa and MasterCard that allows secure purchases on the Internet; it authenticates the buyer as the only legal holder of the card being used.

5. Is there a fee for making payment via bank transfer?

We do not charge any additional commission for paying by bank transfer or any other payment method.



6. Can I return my order if I want to change the color or size?

Definitely you can, and without any cost for you. In Valverde Botas we are happy to advise you on both, the color and the style of footwear, as well as helping you to calculate your exact size.

7. What happens if the order comes damaged?

If the order was damaged during shipment, you must contact us as soon as possible to report the condition of the product. We will then contact the company of transport to arrange a collection and send it again in the shortest possible time.



8. Why should I choose Valverde Botas?

With almost a century of experience, and having as core values quality and dedication in shoemaking, we are also opened to custom orders so you can have your unique and specific product.

9. What makes Valverde Botas different from other footwear factories of Valverde del Camino?

Valverde Botas always we try to introduce innovation in our production process, in addition to use the best raw material to reach a unique final product.

10. How do I know what is my correct size?

Valverde Botas gives you all necessary information so that you can know exactly what your shoe size is.

11. How does Valverde Botass manufacturing process work?

Our production process consists of several stages where the most skilled shoemakers are working in the daily production of boots, booties, riding boots, shoes and accessories. Among other different sections we have:

- Leather area, with a wide variety and multitude of colors

- Cutting area

- Modeling and sewing area

- Shoe decoration area

- Area of molding, filling, sewing and implementation of the sole

- Area of polishing, painting and incorporation of the heel


12. Why should I choose Valverde Botas as my footwear supplier?

One of the main reasons why you should choose us as your distributor is because of our care and dedication that we attribute in shoemaking. We currently have large distribution companies working with our product and we give them some benefits and satisfaction. Furthermore, Valverde Botas we are experts at attending the needs of our customers, which is why we try to create a commitment that is translated to the best chance of success for both parties.

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